Vintage Wings of Canada: Navy Blue Fighter Pilot – Episode Three

In the third and final episode of Navy Blue Fighter Pilot, Lieutenant Don Sheppard is now a blooded veteran, a respected and much-loved member of 1836 Squadron since his training in Brunswick, Maine. While this was only 18 months previous, it seems like a lifetime to the weary fighter and bomber pilots of HMS Victorious. … Dowiedz się więcej

Vintage Wings of Canada: The Miraculous Torpedo Squadron

Mori Juzo was a torpedo bomber pilot of the Imperial Japanese Navy and one of the aviators who participated in the attack on Pearl Harbor. In 1973, Juzo wrote his autobiography, entitled Kiseki no Raigekitai (The Miraculous Torpedo Squadron). This book has, until now, never been translated into English. But one of Vintage Wings readers, … Dowiedz się więcej

Vintage Wings of Canada: Ten Minute Triumph Over Tyranny

In the early spring of 1942, the fatigued and despondent citizens of Paris, the City of Lights, did not see much light on the horizon to brighten their days or their futures. The sidewalk cafés were crowded with German officers and soldiers, the theaters smelled of German tobacco, and the grand avenues and boulevards were … Dowiedz się więcej