Vintage Wings of Canada: The Miraculous Torpedo Squadron

Mori Juzo was a torpedo bomber pilot of the Imperial Japanese Navy and one of the aviators who participated in the attack on Pearl Harbor. In 1973, Juzo wrote his autobiography, entitled Kiseki no Raigekitai (The Miraculous Torpedo Squadron). This book has, until now, never been translated into English. But one of Vintage Wings readers, Nicholas (Nick) Voge, an American pilot with Oahu’s Makani Kai Air, is also a long time translator and has been working on an English translation of Mori’s work.

In addition to flying for the small Hawaiian airline, Voge spent many years working as a translator for companies in Japan. His passion is to translate aviation related articles, documents and books from Japanese into English. Some of his works have appeared in Harper’s (Jan, 2012, Into the Rising Sun, Letters of the Kamikaze Pilots), and in Manoa, published by the University of Hawaii (Last Letters of the Kamikaze Pilots), and elsewhere.

Here, for the first time in English, from Mori Juzo’s The Miraculous Torpedo Squadron are two chapters dealing with his preparations for and participation in the infamous attack on Pearl harbor, December 7, 1941, with kind permission from Kojin Publishing.

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Source: Vintage Wings of Canada / Mori Juzo, translated by Nick Voge

Photo: Vintage Wings of Canada