Boeing Retains U.S. Air Force Executive Aircraft Maintenance Role


Boeing [NYSE: BA] will continue maintaining and supporting the U.S. Air Force’s C-32A and C-40BC executive aircraft through a new seven-year, $319 million contract awarded in March.

The Air Force uses the C-32A and C-40BC, which are based on the Boeing 757 and 737 passenger planes, to transport the vice president, cabinet members and military commanders among others. Boeing has supported the aircraft since first delivery in 1998 and 2001.

“The Air Force can rely on Boeing anytime, anywhere in the world,” said Jerry Dunmire, Executive Transport Services & Support program director. “We take great pride in keeping these essential aircraft ready and updated with the latest technologies.”

The C-32 and C-40 are among the many military derivatives of commercial airplanes that Boeing has built for U.S. and international customers, offering affordable adaptations of proven airframes and existing worldwide support for military missions.

U.S. leaders have flown on aircraft from Boeing and its heritage companies since the Boeing 314 and Douglas C-54 were delivered during World War II.

Source / Author: Boeing
Photo: Boeing