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Schneider Electric to Manage Flight Information System for Dutch Ministry of Defense


The Dutch Ministry of Defense, selected Schneider Electric’s MetConsole Automatic Terminal Information Service (ATIS) to support its Regional Flight Information System (REFIS). The software centric ATIS solution will provide the Ministry’s REFIS with automated flight traffic information to increase the safety and reliability of its system.

The growth in air traffic made automated flight traffic information a top priority for the ministry in order to streamline the delivery of flight information. Currently, air traffic must contact the Air Reporting Squadron (ARS) in order to attain up-to-the-minute flight information – a process that lacks efficiency.

After an extensive selection process, the Ministry of Defense chose Schneider Electric’s MetConsole ATIS to be the core of REFIS because it will provide many important benefits to the Ministry of Defense, including:

– Increased efficiency due to automatic, continuous voice and data flow, which allows for automated operations and reduces the workload on communication channels
– The ability to customize the system for specific local needs, such as preferred voice technology and language
– Easy workstation implementation and the potential for nearly unlimited users

The Schneider Electric MetConsole ATIS solution is uniquely positioned as a complete system design that is flexible, reliable and efficient. The full maintenance concept for the lifetime of the system will allow to the Ministry to upgrade the system, rather than replace it, should they need to.

The Ministry of Defense was familiar with Schneider Electric prior to this project, as the two companies have worked together for more than 28 years on the Ministry’s critical weather system solutions.

Source / Author: Schneider Electric

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