Thomas Global Systems Celebrates 60 Years of Practical Innovation in Aviation and Defense Electronics

Thomas Global Systems

Thomas Global Systems, a leader in the design, production and support of innovative electronics solutions for aerospace and defense applications, celebrates 60 years at the forefront of its industry.

From 1956 to 2016, the Company has built an industry-leading reputation for practical innovation, offering sophisticated products and solutions that are relied upon by customers around the world. Celebrating its 60th year at the 2016 Avionics Maintenance Committee (AMC) / Airline Electronic Engineering Committee (AEEC) Conference in Atlanta, Georgia with partners, customers and friends, the Thomas Global team can reflect on significant milestones in the Company’s history.

Founded in 1956, Thomas Global Systems was initially established as a manufacturer of monochrome television picture tubes, becoming one of Australia’s major electronics enterprises. The Company steadily grew and by the late 1960s was the largest Australian manufacturer of cathode ray tubes (CRTs). In the 1980s and 90s, Thomas Global specialised to become a major producer of special CRTs for commercial avionic and military applications, manufacturing and supporting cockpit displays for significant programs such as the F/A-18 Hornet and Seahawk Helicopter, and winning service agreements with major international airlines with its pioneering cost-effective support solutions for CRT-based cockpit displays. In the 2000s, the Company undertook further strategic developments including the creation of a defence projects business in support of major Australian defence programs such as Collins Class submarine, Anzac Frigate and Australian LAV (ASLAV), the establishment of an operation in Irvine, California and a new division focused on the development and integration of displays and electronics for military ground vehicles.

In 2015, Thomas Global launched an innovative family of plug-and-play LCD EFIS upgrade solutions to replace existing CRTs for business, commercial and regional aircraft, eliminating the need for full cockpit upgrades, accommodating NextGen growth and extending the life of legacy cockpits. The Company went on to establish an alliance with L-3 Communications to cooperate in the development of certain CRT-to-LCD upgrade solutions for other aircraft platforms. 2016 saw Thomas Global establish agreements with Saab AB, as well as Hawker Pacific and DAC International for distribution of its CRT-to-LCD avionic display products.

William Hutchinson, Chairman of Thomas Global, says: “From the very beginning, practical innovation has been at our core. As we celebrate our 60th year, we look back at the Company’s achievements with great pride, and look forward to the future with excitement and confidence in our solid foundations.” He goes on to say, “We recently welcomed the Australian Minister for Defence, Senator the Honourable Marise Payne, to our Sydney Headquarters to open our new Electronic and Embedded Systems Innovation Hub [EESI-Hub], a Centre of Excellence which will be the focus of our New Product Development initiatives, as we continue to place engineering, innovation and research at the heart of our business.”

Today, Thomas Global’s products and solutions are used with confidence by airlines, governments and other operators around the globe. The Company has a built a reputation around dependable long term support, for example in cockpit CRT displays where it is committed to being the “last man standing” supporting what are legacy, but vital, cockpit components.

With offices and facilities in Sydney, Australia and Irvine, California, Thomas Global supports its global customer base with skilled and knowledgeable technicians focused on maintaining the organisation’s reputation for service underpinned by a 60 year heritage.

Source / Author: Thomas Global Systems