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New safe gates to speed up passenger processing at Chopin Airport


With both passenger comfort and safety in mind, Chopin Airport has launched new gate readers to automate and fasten boarding pass control. The Warsaw airport is the first one in Poland to introduce the system.

Thanks to the gate readers, authorised persons can enter the security control zone and then the duty-free area in a smooth and safe manner. Every checked-in passenger has to go through the procedure. Before, boarding pass control was performed manually by Konsalnet employees, now it is fully automatic.

“The passenger has to touch his or her boarding pass against the reader and if everything’s fine, the gate will open. If the boarding pass is invalid or wrong, access will not be allowed. The gates can read both printed boarding passes and those on mobile phones and tablets,” said Jan Gołąb, Passenger Processes and Service Quality specialist at Chopin Airport.

Passengers can only pass through in one direction – from the public access to the restricted area. Any attempt to go through the opposite way will activate an alarm. The system offers a throughput of 15 people per minute, with three gates for economy passengers and one for business travellers in each of the two departure areas. There is also a special entry for older, disabled and reduced mobility passengers, as well as those travelling with small children.

“Passengers around the world can increasingly rely on self-service solutions for check-in and pre-flight controls. Such innovative technologies as automated boarding pass scanners help boost the airport’s capacity, while at the same time lowering its operating costs. This makes air travel easier and cheaper,” said Radosław Paruzel, deputy director of Warsaw Chopin Airport.

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