Improved service concept on long haul flights in SAS Business

On 28 January, SAS is launching an improved service concept in SAS Business on all its long haul flights. Customers will enjoy a restaurant experience in the air with an even greater number of choices, even more personal service and high quality in every respect.

SAS is currently in the process of updating its long haul fleet. This includes the renovation of seven existing aircraft and the introduction of new aircraft from fall 2015. The food and drink experience onboard in SAS Business is also being improved and customers will notice changes from 28 January.

“Our improved service concept together with the totally new design of our cabin interiors means we will be able to offer a genuinely high class experience in SAS Business. Food and drink are incredibly important for our customers and this is an area where we have listened to what they want and developed our new concept accordingly,” says Gustaf Öholm, Senior Manager Onboard Concepts at SAS

Additional choice and more personal service will be the most noticeable changes for customers in SAS Business. For example, they will have an extra starter and main course to choose from. To increase the restaurant feel and provide an even more personal service, proper tablecloths and porcelain will be used and food will be served from a service trolley to minimize the use of trays.

“We have put an even great emphasis on the total experience in everything from food and drink, tablewear, personal service and the cabin atmosphere to create a genuine restaurant experience in the air,” adds Öholm.

The improved service concept will be available on all SAS long haul flights from 28 January. SAS’s long haul destinations from Scandinavia are New York, Washington, Chicago, San Francisco, Houston, Beijing, Shanghai and Tokyo. In September 2015, SAS will open a new route from Stockholm to Hong Kong.
Source / Author: SAS