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INDRA will develop a new radar for Eurofighter aircraft


As a member of the Euroradar consortium, Indra has closed a 90 million euro deal to work on developing the new radar system Captor-E for Eurofighter.

Last November, on behalf of the secretaries of defense of all four member countries of the Eurofighter consortium (United Kingdom, Germany, Italy and Spain), NETMA signed an agreement with representatives of the European industry to develop and integrate the most technologically advanced radar system in the world.

With the system’s technology, an electronic scanned array (AESA), and the antenna’s ability to move, Eurofighter Typhoon will have a much wider field of view than its competitors in the market. Additionally, the new radar has great potential for the development of a wide range of capabilities and features, such as carrying out several operations at the same time. Consequently, the operational capabilities of the European aircraft will see a major increase in quality.

Indra’s very relevant and highly technological involvement in this agreement will lead to high industrial return. Also, a team of more than 100 engineers will be required to carry out innovation and development work over the next few years. Moreover, the company will be able to stay at the forefront of this type of technology, and keep its strong leading position.

Indra also benefits from an ideal position to take part in the system’s future production, both for use in aircraft from the Eurofighter member countries and from other countries where the platform may be exported to. The addition of this new technology greatly increases its chances of being exported: Captor-E’s technology is a key element in today’s industry.

Indra is the third biggest overall supplier, and the biggest Spanish supplier, of avionics equipment and systems for Eurofighter. It is also a leading provider of testing and simulation equipment and maintenance solutions. Its participation in this project will strengthen its position as a leading supplier for the program, and will ensure its involvement in the platform’s development.
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