RAF: Typhoon Weapons Integration Advances

RAF Typhoon development continues at pace, following three successful trials in the UK and Italy.

In the Italian trial, a Stormshadow cruise missile was released successfully from an Italian Typhoon and tracked to its target by radar. Stormshadow, already used successfully by RAF Tornados, is designed to be released at long range and can destroy hardened targets such as command bunkers.

A second trial, carried out by British firm BAE Systems at its airfield at Warton, Lancashire, confirmed that Stormshadow can be fitted to the RAF Typhoon. The two trials mean that Stormshadow is now closer to being fully integrated with Typhoon for operational use.

In the other UK trial, six Brimstone missiles were fitted to a Typhoon alongside two Paveway IV bombs. The trial confirms that Brimstone can be fitted to the aircraft, and allows the integration programme to move towards airborne trials.

Brimstone has been used to great effect in Afghanistan and Libya, and is now being used in Iraq against ISIL forces. Its integration with Typhoon will enable the aircraft to attack targets with a high-precision weapon that minimises collateral damage.

The industry-led trials come as the RAF’s 1 (Fighter) Squadron prepares to go the USA for Exercise Red Flag early next year, when it will carry out practice missions using the Paveway IV laser and GPS guided bomb. The squadron is developing Typhoon in the swing role, where the aircraft can carry out both air to air and air to ground tasks in a single mission.


Photo Credits: Eurofighter
RAF/MOD Crown Copyright 2014
Source / Author: RAF