airberlin: smartphones and tablets can now be used during take-off and landing

airberlin guests can now use their personal electronic devices on almost all of the airline’s short, medium and long-haul flights during take-off, landing and taxiing, providing the devices are in flight mode. This will make flying with airberlin even more enjoyable for flight guests as personal electronic devices in flight mode can now be used during all flight phases across almost the entire airberlin fleet.

„Modern flight guests want uninterrupted access to their personal electronic devices, even while on board, rather than having to switch them on and off again several times. airberlin is now making this possible. Personal electronic devices can be used throughout entire flights on all the planes in our Airbus and Boeing fleet providing their transmission function is disabled. Once the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) relaxed the regulations, it was extremely important to us to implement the changes as quickly as possible. To do so, airberlin obtained the necessary technical certifications and the necessary official permits for required procedures from the Federal Aviation Office,” said Oliver Lackmann, Head of Flight Operations at airberlin.

Source / Author: airberlin