Hiller Aviation Museum: The Biggest Little Air Show at San Carlos Airport!

Big things come in small packages in an amazing aerial display at the Hiller Aviation Museum!

Join the festivities as the Biggest Little Air Show matches a thrilling aerobatic performance by airshow pilot Carl Liepold and his full-sized Yak-55 with demonstrations of exceptional radio controlled models from the Baylands RC Flyers group. San Carlos Airport will close to regular traffic to allow realistic jet- and propeller-powered models to roll down the runway and into the sky to take their part in a unique aerial extravaganza including aerobatic helicopters, computer controlled quadrotors, high performance model rockets and more!!

Performers are scheduled to include:

Carl Liepold flying his YAK 55 in a full aerobatic routine
The Baylands RC Flyers model aircraft demonstrations
Aerobatic gyroscopic routines
3D aerobatic helicopters
Jets and other RC aircraft
Hiller Aviation Museum’s own Starhawk model rocket squadron

Beautifully detailed radio control model aircraft will be on display at the Museum from 10AM-2PM, with air show flight demonstrations from 11 AM to 12 PM, indoor quadrotor demonstrations throughout the day and afternoon lectures on model aviation and the future of unmanned aerial vehicles. !

Source / Author: Hiller Aviation Museum

Photo: Hiller Aviation Museum