Lufthansa Technik offers new cabin products for VIP customers

The experts in the VIP & Executive Jet Solutions Division at Lufthansa Technik AG are offering two innovative new products for VIP aircraft cabins: the „Aircraft Steam Generator System” (steam shower) and the „On Board Oxygen Generation System” (therapeutic oxygen supply) significantly enhance comfort and wellbeing on board VIP aircraft.

The new „Aircraft Steam Generator System” makes it possible, as of today, to install steam showers in VIP customer aircraft. The compact system consists of a steam generator with steam outlet, a control panel, and a refill port for the vaporizer fluid. The self-contained unit does not have to be connected to the aircraft’s existing water system. The complete System measures just 343 x 363 x 439 mm and has an empty weight of 18 kilograms. Essential oils may also be added to aromatize the room where desired.

The installation of a steam shower on board an aircraft is, technically, particularly challenging. On the one hand, the system must be isolated in such a way that overheating inside the steam generator is impossible; on the other hand, the shower cabin must be so well sealed that no steam can escape and so that the steam can be completely extracted after use.

In future, the „On Board Oxygen Generation System” (OBOGS) will provide a continuous and completely unlimited supply of therapeutic oxygen via a mask on board a VIP aircraft. A maximum of two connections are possible for each unit. The complete unit weighs around 30 kilograms with dimensions similar to those of a desktop PC.

In response to a special customer request, Lufthansa Technik has succeeded in integrating an off-the-shelf device from the cooperation partner, Duerr Technik GmbH & Co. KG, in the complex technical environment of any VIP customer aircraft. The OBOG System can be installed as part of a retrofit update or enhancement. It does, however, require individual modifications on board, as an appropriate location has to be found for the equipment, cables have to be laid and control panels have to be installed.

Thanks to their compact dimensions and low weight, both systems can be installed in any aircraft type during initial fitting or as a retrofit installation as part of modification work. Both systems are approved according to RTCA DO-160G and tested and authorised in accordance with EASA guidelines for aviation technology.


Source / Author: Lufthansa Technik