Airbus Defence and Space introduces the Orlik MPT trainer

Airbus Defence and Space rolled out the PZL 130 Orlik MPT (Multi Purpose Trainer), a new version of the twin-seat aircraft with glass cockpit. This solution is a development of the Orlik TC II Garmin already in service in the Polish Air Force. The presentation of the aircraft was held in the Warsawa Okeçie factory, to a senior audience of the Polish administration and armed forces.

The Orlik MPT offers the flight parameters and systems essential for military pilot training in the 21st century at a significantly lower cost compared with other aircraft of this class. The upgrade, focused on an integrated “glass cockpit” and additional systems, greatly increases the scope of applications in military pilot training, including basic tactical training and lead-in to combat training. The aircraft’s efficiency, low flight-hour cost and range of training capabilities will position the Orlik for the international marketplace.

In September 2011, Airbus Defence and Space (the former Airbus Military EADS PZL “Warszawa-Okęcie”) and the Air Force Institute of Technology (Instytut Techniczny Wojsk Lotniczych – ITWL), as well as other Polish institutions signed the agreements to upgrade the Orlik TC II to the new MPT standard.

The investment for the Orlik MPT prototype presented has reached 40 million zlotys. The new version is currently entering the test phase, in preparation for certification by the Polish airworthiness authority ULC.

The improved performance and equipment of the Orlik MPT offers a cost efficient solution for the basic and advanced training needs within the syllabus of the world’s air forces. The global trainer fleet is estimated at 10,000 aircraft, with a potential demand of 16,000 new trainers in the next ten years.

Orlik MPT

Source / Author: Airbus Defence and Space

Photo: Airbus Defence and Space