SHIZUKU captures 2013 Nikkei Global Environmental Technology Award

The GCOM Project Team of the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency captured the 2013 Nikkei Global Environmental Technology Awards Prize for Excellence for its development of the Global Change Observation Mission 1st – Water „SHIZUKU” (GCOM-W1.) The awards are sponsored by Nikkei Inc. to be given to individuals and groups who have made outstanding contributions to environmental preservation through research, study, technological development and manufacturing activities.

The SHIZUKU has been providing various observation data including the atmospheric water vapor content and sea surface temperature since its launch on May 18, 2012. This data has contributed to understanding global-scale environment changes such as decreasing areas of sea ice in the Arctic Ocean. Furthermore, it has been utilized for improving people’s lives including providing better accuracy of weather forecasts and more efficient searches for fishing points. The award this time was based on the high evaluation on SHIZUKU’s unique technology and its positive impact on people’s lives.

Source / Author: Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA)