Elbit Systems of America: Ready to Deliver the H-60L Cockpit

For the past two decades, Elbit Systems of America engineers and manufacturing personnel have been developing, producing and supporting sophisticated avionic systems for many advanced aircraft such as the AH-64E, V-22, F/A-18 E/F and the F-35. Now, in support of the US Army’s H-60L digital cockpit upgrade, Elbit Systems of America is leveraging its Fort Worth, Texas based systems integration capabilities and experience to offer an effective and affordable solution to improve the aircraft operational capabilities and extend its lifespan.

The average aircraft in the US Army’s Black Hawk fleet is 23 years old. The older aircrafts’ on-board systems operate independently of one another without sharing mission-critical information. Elbit Systems of America is a proven avionics supplier for the US Army, fielding mission equipment packages including advanced mission processing, improved data modems, helmet-mounted display systems, multifunction displays, and communication systems. Using scalable, open systems architecture Elbit Systems of America’s helicopter upgrade solutions enable complete systems integration, resulting in a faster relay of information to pilots and crew, reduced pilot workload, and increased battlefield situational awareness.

As the US Army looks to upgrade the H-60L Black Hawk, Elbit Systems of America’s systems integration solution will apply the knowledge acquired from supporting thousands of the Army’s aviation platforms.

„Elbit Systems of America has extensive experience in this community. We know Army Aviation very well,” said Kelly Dameron, Vice President, Airborne Solutions. „Our global footprint, extending from our headquarters in Texas, supports Army aircraft around the world, allowing us to bring proven solutions to the H-60L Black Hawk program on time and on budget. We have a large engineering team already dedicated to integrating and testing our H-60L cockpit solution which is based on proven and fielded US Army aviation products.”

Raanan Horowitz, Elbit Systems of America’s President and CEO states, „We are well aware of the Army’s schedule to convert its Black Hawk cockpits. A significant portion of our workforce is already engaged in developing, producing, and supporting advanced avionic solutions for attack and utility helicopters used by the US Army, Marine Corps, Air Force and Navy. Our Fort Worth based team is ready to meet the schedule of the H-60L digitization program with a low-risk, best value solution.”

Source / Author: Elbit Systems