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Honeywell’s Green Boot Camp Program Wins IPRA Golden World Award

Honeywell (NYSE: HON) announced today it has received the 2013 International Public Relations Association Golden World Award for its Green Boot Camp, a global, five-day interactive workshop and scholarship program that teaches middle school teachers how to turn their classrooms into fertile ground where ideas about sustainability can thrive.

Honeywell received the award in the Environmental category after competing against more than 300 entries from around the world.

Green Boot Camp provides an all-expenses-paid hands-on learning experience in renewable energy, habitat conservation, behavioral awareness and communication. At the end of the workshop, teachers leave with renewed vigor, lasting connections to a global peer group, and a broader understanding of sustainability opportunities that are easily applicable in the classroom.

“As the world’s population growth exhausts natural resources, issues such as energy conservation, climate change and renewable resources must be addressed,” said Tom Buckmaster, President, Honeywell Hometown Solutions. “Honeywell, as a leading developer of technologies that reduce emissions and efficiently use energy resources, is committed to investing in habitat and conservation initiatives like Green Boot Camp to reach younger generations and equip them with the skills and knowledge they will need so that we can continue to improve the environment in which we live and work.”

More than 550 middle school teachers from around the world submitted applications to the boot camp, which is offered in San Diego in partnership with several local energy and environmental experts. Seventy-one teachers were selected, representing 10 countries and 43 U.S. states. The workshop included lessons in how to build and install a rain barrel to protect watersheds, create a rain garden to allow storm water to filter more naturally into the ground, and find wasteful energy use in their homes and schools.

„Collaboration and shared knowledge are needed to make significant, lasting and sustainable contributions to our planet,” said Paul Orzeske, President, Honeywell Building Solutions. „Green Boot Camp embodies this spirit by providing a unique experience for teachers to work together and share ideas on how to best impact classrooms around the world.”

After experiencing the Green Boot Camp, middle school teacher Claire Bennett of North Carolina, noted, “I learned so much and collaborated with teachers around the globe to make our world last longer by acting smarter. I am so excited to share ideas, lesson plans and environmentally healthy habits with my students.”

IPRA is one of the world’s most influential professional associations for senior international public relations executives. The IPRA Golden World Awards initiative, established in 1990, recognizes excellence in public relations practices worldwide.
“IPRA jury members not only recognized the Green Boot Camp’s creativity but also the quality of its planning process and rigor of its measurement phase,” said Christophe Ginisty, 2013 IPRA President. “Honeywell’s professional approach and the consistency of its work convinced us to select the Green Boot Camp campaign.” For more information visit: http://www.ipra.org/.

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