IAF: Long-range Flights

When talking about „all options on the table”, it’s understood that these include military options. The IAF, the long arm of the IDF, is responsible for exercising the option if need be. To this end, soldiers in the squadrons of the force practice and reinforce the spectrum of skills, even in long-range flight. In this area of flying, the IAF must develop relevant operational capabilities, from focused activities to broader activities.

This latest training session is not different from previous training sessions that have been done in recent years and it tests most of the details of a long-range flight scenario, from the design in the operations department and in the squadrons, through the flight itself, and the aerial refueling to the management from the IAF’s control center.

A commander of one of the squadrons who took part in the flight notes that the challenges in this kind of flight start as early as the planning stages and continue during the flight, which is far from home, the weather conditions and the field conditions are not familiar and also the possible threats along the way.

In the squadrons, the soldiers emphasized that the training session sharpened the skills and connected all the components and the squadrons that join the unique and complex training session. On a personal level, the pilots talked about the experience of long-range flying, which requires many hours of concentration and also physical preparation of sleep and nutrition


Source / Author: IAF