Embraer Executive Jets Introduces New Features for Phenom 100

Embraer Executive Jets now offers new standard and optional features for its Phenom 100, revealed at the 10th annual Latin American Business Aviation Conference and Exhibition (LABACE) today. The new features include multi-function spoilers, 11 new interior collections and new options including a refreshment center, stowage space and premium seats.

“The new block-point changes are exciting and reflect how we listen and respond to customers,” said Ernest Edwards, President, Embraer Executive Jets. “The Phenom 100 is already the fastest and roomiest in the entry-level class. These changes make it more efficient and luxurious to meet the increasingly discerning needs of owner-operators, corporate flight departments and leading fractional providers who have received this aircraft so well.”

The multi-function spoiler offers two new functionalities, acting as a ground spoiler and speed brake. It not only increases drag and lift dump but can be used for speed reduction and sink-rate increase on the approach phase.

The 11 new interior collections refresh both cabin looks and comfort and feature new color choices and materials such as wood veneer. The optional premium seat features additional capabilities, such as swivel, lateral and forward movement.

Embraer Executive Jets has also included a new refreshment center as an option which can be installed in lieu of the standard wardrobe opposite the entry door. Based on the extensive customer input, it features storage space for beverages, snacks, crystal ware, ice, trash and an optional hot jug, all in a single design. The Company is also offering an optional stowage compartment to increase storage space in the aft section of the aircraft. Mounted on top of the existing lavatory cabinet, it is carefully designed with several drawers and storage compartments. It will be particularly useful to customers selecting the optional fifth seat.

Source / Author: Embraer