Aces in Combat, The American Aces Speak – review

Here we are with another Eric Hammel`s book: Aces in Combat, The American Aces Speak. As usual, it was published by Pacifica Military History.

On 272 pages we receive a marvelous account of the US fighter pilots during World War Two and Korean War. Eye-witness stories told by veterans comes from battles in the skies – from Pacific, China, Okinawa, North Africa, Italy, North West Europe and finally, Korea.

There 38 episodes gives a thrilling, knowledgeable and really moving experience how the war in skies looked like and how brave were those gallant men flying them all over the world. Everyone will find something interesting for themselves. Aviation enthusiasts will discover a technical aspects of flying such amazing aircrafts like P-47 Thunderbolt or P-51 Mustang. Historians will be happy finding a living accounts from the historical battlefields. Finally, those, who love personal experiences can find touching memories from the moments when the line between life and death was very, very thin.

The book was made available for review courtesy of Pacifica Military History.

Michał Różyński