Hitler’s Eagles – review

Hitler’s Eagles is another great book highlighting key problems connected with Luftwaffe.

The author is a specialist in military history and military technology and wrote several books in those areas. He also worked on several encyclopedias ad wrote many magazine and newspaper articles.

There are many books available on the market describing Luftwaffe since it’s secret establishment until its bitter end in 1945. Someone could think that this is another book which is just copying the ideas presented in its predecessors. At first glance it looks like this but if you dig into the content you can easily find out that Chris McNab gives us a fresh new look and tons of new interesting information’s hard to find in other publications.

The book is printed on a very good quality paper and has about 150 photographs which are supplemented by drawings, color plates and art work so we get 390 pages of a nice to hold and red book.

The book is divided into seven chapters with an introduction in the beginning and conclusions, further reading list and index at the end.

The first chapter is providing a short Luftwaffe history between 1933 and 1945.

The second chapter describes the organization and structure of Luftwaffe and the men connected with it. Here the reader can have a look on different living conditions on different theaters of war in which Luftwaffe took part. We also have a look at various clothing aspects of Luftwaffe.

In the next chapter the Author is presenting the bomber force. There are short descriptions of main aircraft, personnel training on various stations and how did a bombing ride look form a bomber crew perspective.

The fourth chapter is providing us with information’s about fighter arm, its airplane, training both day and night.

The next chapter is all about ground attack aircraft and its important role in German war machine.

In the next part Chris McNab describes maritime aviation and with Fw 200 as the key airplane in this field of Luftwaffe operations.

The last chapter is about Luftwaffe ground forces.

There are hundreds of good books about Luftwaffe, and this one can be a great start for readers willing to begin the journey with military aviation in Germany during WWII. I can recommend it along with Chris McNab other book in this manner – German Luftwaffe in WWII, and such great book like The Luftwaffe data book from dr Alfred Price. With this trio you can start digging in into Luftwaffe with a good background to better understand its history.

The book was made available for review courtesy of Osprey Publishing.