Air War Europa Chronolog – review

Eric Hammel`s Air War Europa Chronology, America`s Air War Against Germany in Europe and North Africa 1942 – 1945 is one of many books published by this well-known American military historian. Straight from Pacifica Military History comes a 571-page chronology book, which tells the story of USAAF history on ETO and MTO during World War Two.
Book gives a nice and knowledgeable introduction, focusing on the birth and development of US fighter forces and theirs effort in achieving the absolute air supremacy by Allies in 1944. This short, but interesting and critical study gives an idea, how the USAAF went into battle and how this battle was won.
After such introduction we go through the whole war from the Japanese air raid on Pearl Harbor, extraordinary fast growth of the USAAF, first deployments in Europe, first missions to a full-scale daylight offensive. Hammel`s guide a reader along the whole period, telling about every day in chronological order. Sometimes there are only few remarks for each (if nothing important happened), but usually author finds even small events, sorties, claims. Each day has been divided into geographical partition, making searching more reader-friendly.
Air War Europa Chronology is a worth read and must have book for everybody interested in the air war over Europe during World War Two.

The book was made available for review thanks to Pacifica Military History.