Y. Gordon, S. Komissarov, D. Komissarov – US Aircraft in the Soviet Union and Russia – review

US Aircraft in the Soviet Union and Russia is a book describing the history of US aviation in Russian.

The first aircraft made in the USA and found in Russia date to 1908. Since then the cooperation between those two countries had it ups and downs but the flow of technology and aircraft was quite big until the end of world war II. After that we had a stoppage because of the Cold War

The book is divided into 6 chapters with the biggest one describing the situation during World Wa II when the world had to unite to fight with Nazi Germany. There we get to know the history of various airplanes transferred to Russian according to Lend-Lease act. Few of them became very famous – not quite loved in US aircraft like P-39 found their way in Russia and became a deadly weapon in the hands of Soviet Aces.

The chapter describing the situation after WWII shows us Tu-4 which was a copy of B-29 and other aircraft which wrecks were examined by Russian specialists to obtain new technologies used in the West.

As usually with Midland books we have lots of great quality pictures (600 of them which is quite impressive) and color drawing. Additionally there are scans of documents made in Russia.

The book is packed with tons of data so it is a must have for all aviation fans interested in connections between USA and Russia on the field of aviation.

The book was made available for review thanks to Ian Allan Publishing.