German Aircraft in the Soviet Union and Russia – review

German Aircraft in the Soviet Union and Russia

This book covers an important part in aviation history describing German made aircraft used in Soviet Union and Russia. Yefim Grodon is a known author of many books about military aviation on the east and this specific books only confirms that he knows the topic very well. For readers not familiar with Russian language it is hard to follow the latest publications coming from Russia and connected to military aviation. Books like this one in which the author is using the latest publications and resources from Russian archives allow us to broaden our perspective without the need to know the native language and looking into tons of documents and books.

The book is divided into 6 separate chapters covering the use of German aircraft since the first known example until the mid 1950s. Each chapter has a great number of photographs, drawings and scans of documents made in Russia and connected to described aircraft.

One of the most interesting part are comparison test made in Russia on captured German aircraft. This part of military aviation history isn’t well known to readers in the west so you can find many interesting information’s.

Highly recommended!

The book was made available for review thanks to Ian Allan Publishing