Aces Against Japan – review

Aces Against Japan is another superb book from Eric Hammel and Pacifica Military History.

This time the author brings us on the Pacific Theater of War where we can see through eyes of fighter pilots how tough it was to defeat Japan.

Aces Against Japan is especially interesting for Polish and European readers as for us the main opponent in World War II was Hitler with his Nazi Germany. Pacific is treated not so thoroughly as the fighting on the continent.

We get to follow the fighting path of 39 aces who helped to defeat Imperial Japan. The first episode is connected with Pearl Harbour – a milestone point in the Pacific which started the US machine rolling with enormous speed towards victory both in Europe and in Pacific.

The reader has some maps at his hand thanks to which he can locate each story. Additionally the author translates abbreviations used by pilots to a language understood by everyone. This is very helpful as pilots and soldier have their own slang which sometimes can be difficult for civilians

The stories are sorted chronologically so we can see how the Americans where fighting back through the whole period of war against Japan.

This is a must have for all military aviation enthusiast connected with war in the Pacific.

The book was made available for review thanks to Pacifica Military History.