H175 fleet demonstrates its reliability and exceeds 3,000 flight hours in operation with NHV

After little more than one year of operations, NHV have reached 3,000 flight hours with their H175 fleet, demonstrating the aircraft’s mission capability and reliability in oil and gas offshore transportation. Early February, the first H175 that entered service in December 2014, reached the 1,000 flight-hour milestone. “This milestone was easily achieved thanks to the … Dowiedz się więcej

Airbus Helicopters’ H175 reaches 1,000 flight hours with NHV Group

NHV Group has logged the first 1,000 flight hours with the H175, proving this super-medium-sized rotorcraft’s capabilities and reliability in highly demanding operations, especially the transportation of crews and supplies to off-shore oil and gas platforms – the primary mission for which it was designed. The 1,000 hours have been accumulated by NHV’s initial two … Dowiedz się więcej