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Rockwell Collins będzie wspierał P-8A

Firma Rockwell Collins poinformowała o podpisaniu wartej 27 milionów dolarów umowy na wsparcie serwisowe i zorganizowanie baz magazynowych na potrzeby samolotów P-8A. Dzięki nim znacząco skróci się obsługa radiostacji HF-121C oraz innego sprzętu radiowego przenoszonego na pokładzie tych najnowszych maszyn Marynarki Wojennej USA.

Dzięki  tzw. depot możliwe jest samodzielne serwisowanie sprzętu i skrócenie czasu od wykrycia usterki, jej zdiagnozowania i naprawy do powrotu urządzenia do linii.

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (Nov. 18, 2016) – Rockwell Collins was awarded $27 million to activate a depot capability for the U.S. Navy P-8A Poseidon aircraft HF-121C and miscellaneous radio components. Under contract through 2020, establishing this depot capability creates military jobs, reduces the repair pipeline and improves availability of aircraft.

“Establishing a depot capability allows our customers to service their own equipment and shorten turnaround time,” said Thierry Tosi, vice president and general manager, Service Solutions for Rockwell Collins. “In addition, the capability allows for enhanced mission readiness and support to the warfighter.”

Delivered in a three-phased approach, the P-8A Poseidon radio component depot capability initially began with an assessment to determine the necessary requirements. The partnership is currently in an activation stage, or the second phase, which involves the knowledge and tools transfer to support the radio components to U.S. Navy personnel. Phase three involves a sustainment plan and likely a public-private partnership.

The HF-121C airborne high frequency (HF) communication system is designed for HF applications requiring voice and data operations at 400W transmit power. The HF-121C and other radio components provide maximum performance to the P-8A Poseidon, allowing for fast and secure data transfer, making it a critical onboard capability.

Work will be performed at the Naval Air Station’s Fleet Readiness Center Southwest in North Island, California.

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