Safran groups companies under a single brand

Safran companies

Safran is changing its companies’ names and its visual identity to bolster the Group’s position as a global industrial leader and accelerate its international growth.

Effective today, all Group companies will be communicating under a single brand name and logo: Safran. At the same time, Safran is launching its new brand tagline, „Powered by trust”, which reflects the confidence delivered by Safran’s people, over and above the technologies invented across the Group.

All company names now include the Safran brand name, along with a description of their business.

Safran is therefore taking a major step forward in its brand evolution, for the benefit of its customers, partners, shareholders and employees. The changeover will:

  • further enhance Safran’s recognition in all markets and with all publics in countries where the Group is present;
  • more clearly identify Safran’s businesses, products and services;
  • strengthen employees’ feeling of belonging to a single enterprise, while helping to knock down barriers and support Group-wide projects, partnerships and mobility.

„Consolidating our Group under a single name is a powerful vehicle for bolstering the feeling of all of our 70,000 employees that they belong to the same global enterprise and share the same values,” said Philippe Petitcolin, Chief Executive Officer of Safran. „This change will allow us to unite our efforts and focus our investments on a single brand, to the greater benefit of all of our businesses worldwide. Our unique brand will be nurtured even more strongly in the future by the success of our companies, and our companies in turn will be nurtured by Safran’s image and renown.”

Source / Author: Safran
Photo: Safran