Thales brings state-of-the-art Air Traffic management system to Jamaica’s emerald skies


Thales has been awarded a contract by the Jamaican Civil Aviation Authority (JCAA) to implement an advanced ATM system that will modernise and enhance the delivery of Air Traffic Services over Jamaica’s beautiful blue skies.

A total of six sites will be modernised with state of the art Thales air traffic management systems, including Kingston Air Traffic Control Centre, Norman Manley and Sangster International Airports as well as three radar sites, thus ensuring total coverage of the island and its airspace. At Mount Denham site Thales will deploy one of its state of the art L-Band Primary radar collocated with Mode-S MSSR Radar. The Kingston and Montego Bay sites will feature one Mode-S MSSR radar each. All radar sites will link into Kingston ATC which will be equipped with the Thales TopSky-ATC, the most advanced air traffic management system in the world complemented with the Thales SCANSIM Tower simulator. Thales will also ensure support and logistics, thus ensuring the Jamaican Civil Aviation Authority receives the best value for money with the most modern technology.

“Thales is the leader in air traffic management in Latin America and the Caribbean, and worldwide. This contract reaffirms our robust partnerships with customers in the region. Jamaica is one of the largest and busiest tourist destinations in the region and we take pride in being able to help the JCCA maintain the highest air safety standards for this beautiful and vibrant country.”
Jean-Marc Alias , Thales Vice President in charge of air traffic management activities.

This contract represents a major milestone for the JCAA, which will continue to ensure the highest levels of air safety for all international flights transporting the 1.4 million tourists flocking to this world renowned destination. With over 150 radars and 25 air traffic control centers in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Mexico and Uruguay and as well as navigation aids (Navaids) systems in operation in nearly all the countries of the region, Thales confirms its strong leadership in Latin America. Thales is also the worldwide leader in ATM with two out of three aircraft around the world taking off and landing thanks to Thales systems.

Source / Author: Thales

Photo: Thales