SAS gives customers traveling light more choice

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Since the fall of 2015, SAS has offered SAS Go Light on selected destinations in Europe and the response from SAS customers has been very positive. Therefore SAS now launches SAS Go Light on all European destinations. SAS Go Light is designed for customers who want to travel light with only carry-on bags, and who are also looking for a lower price.

From April 27, passengers traveling with carry-on bags only will be able to fly at a lower price on all routes between Scandinavia and the rest of Europe. SAS Go Light is now being launched to complement the existing SAS Go and SAS Plus products and is designed for those customers who want to travel light with only carry-on bags. SAS Go Light air fares will be around SEK 120 lower than for SAS Go.

“We’ve listened to our customers, who want a more scaled-down option and tickets in a lower price range for those traveling without check-in bags,” says Stephanie Smitt Lindberg, Vice President Customer Journey & Loyalty at SAS. “That’s why we’re now launching SAS Go Light for all European destinations. As SAS Go Light will complement our existing products, our customers will have more opportunity to choose the option that best meets their needs.”

As always, SAS Go Light includes the option to cancel with a full refund within 24 hours, the ability to choose your seat 22 hours before departure, and tea and coffee on board. You can also pay for access to the SAS Lounge and add checked baggage from SEK 199. So if you want to check in baggage, it is better value to travel in SAS Go.

SAS EuroBonus member benefits are also provided when traveling in SAS Go Light. So, for example, Silver, Gold, and Diamond members can take checked baggage free of charge when booking in SAS Go Light.

SAS Go Light will not be available domestically, within Scandinavia, or outside Europe. SAS Go Light has been trialed on selected routes within Europe since fall 2015 and has received a good response from SAS customers.

Source / Author: SAS

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