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The JAL Group Introduces Embraer 190 with „Class J” Service

JAL Embraer

The JAL Group (JAL) will introduce Embraer 190 (hereinafter „E190”) and J-Air Corporation (J AIR), the JAL Group’s 100% owned regional airline subsidiary, is planning to operate the aircraft from May 10, 2016. The first E190 will be serving on Osaka (Itami) = Kagoshima route. The operating routes of E190 will be expanded progressively. Additionally, well-received „Class J” service on domestic flights will be offered in JAL’s E190 fleet.

E190 has been delivered since 2005 and it is one of the best-selling jets. 44 airlines worldwide purchased and 523 aircraft have been delivered (as of 31 December, 2015). J AIR is the first Japanese airline to introduce E190 fleet.

Under the banner „Embrace New Challenges”, JAL will further enhance on-time performance service, and strengthen its regional network, in order to deliver more convenience to customers with innovative products and high-quality services.


1. Aircraft: Embraer 190

2. Service Effective: May 10, 2016 ~

Note: The start of service is subject to change and the actual date for entering service will be informed on JAL website.

3. Routes: Osaka (Itami) = Kagoshima

(E190 will be introduced on Itami = Sendai route and Itami = Fukuoka route progressively.)

4. Class and Seat Configuration: Class J/15, Economy/80, total 95 seats


5. Interiors:

(1) „Class J” service

The first regional jet equipped with „Class J” seats with genuine leather.

class j

(2) Universal power outlets are available, which can be reached from every seat.


(3) Quality genuine leather seats in Economy Class.

Source / Author: JAL

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