TAP launches 'Porto – Lisbon Shuttle’ and creates 'TAP Express’ with a new fleet


Today (14.01), we are announcing some very important news to the company and to all our Customers as well, among which I hereby emphasise the renewal of PGA’s fleet, an objective that had been delayed for a number of years due to investment limitations.

Up to next July, we will take delivery of new aircraft – eight ATR72 and nine Embraer 190 – which will allow us to improve the comfort and efficiency of our fleet. With such a new fleet, we will also be able to increase seat capacity available by 47% as well as to achieve significant savings in fuel consumption, with the resulting benefits to environment.
But this heavy investment is not enough on its own.

We are not only renewing our regional fleet, but also adding consistency to TAP brand and product by reinforcing its commercial identity and redesigning our product and services as well.

“TAP Express”is the newly branded product launched by TAP to replace Portugália, PGA airlines, from now on operating with a new fleet, as hereby announced.

We are also announcing the creation of the Porto-Lisbon shuttle, designated as “Ponte Aérea”, to connect both destinations with flights every hour, adding to 16 roundtrip dailies in the whole. The launch of the Porto – Lisbon shuttle will enable better service on the point-to-point connections and much better conditions for an optimised connectivity to the Lisbon hub operations, providing Customers with easy access to the whole TAP network.

The “Ponte Aérea” will offer very competitive prices to travel between Porto and Lisbon and an innovative product, with dedicated check-in counters and boarding gates along with fast and easy passenger boarding.

As of next March 27, TAP will increase the number of weekly flights to destinations already served in Europe, Brazil, the United States and Africa, reinforcing our product consistency.

I am sure these are historic days for TAP, now that the airline has the investment capacity to expand and turn into a more modern and competitive airline, one that is responsive to the needs of Customers and strongly committed to serve the markets where it operates.

The investments already underway, which include orders for 53 new aircraft, €60 million to retrofit the cabin interiors of the current fleet, €11 million to retrofit twelve A320-family aircraft with the sharklet technology, €2 million for a new digital reservations platform and the increase and renovation of PGA fleet, will allow us to embrace the future completely confident that TAP Portugal will become stronger and better able to provide improved services, with the same values as always.

Thank you for choosing TAP. We are confident we will be able to surprise you positively as we become increasingly better equipped to respond to your needs and meet your expectations.

Source / Author: TAP
Photo: TAP