airberlin closes 2015 with a further increase in capacity utilization


A significant capacity consolidation towards the end of the year once again enabled airberlin to increase capacity utilization (RPK/ASK) by 0.9 percentage points to 79.9 percent in comparison with the corresponding month of the previous year.

Stefan Pichler, CEO of airberlin, said: „The favourable capacity utilization figures of the past months are the result of the ongoing reorientation of airberlin. Our measures are taking effect. A main factor contributing to the successful increase of the capacity utilization in the second half of 2015 lies in the implementation of a new revenue management system and measures for improving the yields from ticket sales and total sales.”

In line with the continuous capacity reduction, the number of passengers in the last month of 2015 decreased by 7.6 percent in yearly comparison, to 1,668,148 passengers. In December, the number of available seat kilometres (ASK) decreased by 9.8 percent, to 3.589 billion.

airberlin’s passengers travelled a total of 2.867 billion kilometres (RPK) on airberlin’s global flight route network, that is a decrease of 8.8 percent year on year. For the accumulated period from January up to and including December 2015, airberlin increased capacity utilization by 0.7 percentage points over the previous year, to 84.2 percent.

Source / Author: airberlin
Photo: airberlin