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Aeroflot takes delivery of two new SSJ-100s

Aeroflot ssj100

Aeroflot has taken delivery of two new Sukhoi Superjet 100 aircraft (registration numbers RA-89057 and RA-89058) in full specification produced by JSC Sukhoi Civil Aircraft (SCA).

Both aircraft have been named in honour of Russian pilots: the RA-89057 for K Sapelkin and the RA-89058 for N Safronnikov.

The new SSJ-100s have been transferred to Aeroflot under a financial lease agreement from Sberbank Leasing.

The SSJ-100 is a next-generation regional jet developed and produced by Sukhoi in collaboration with Alenia Aeronautica. The aircraft can accommodate 87 passengers in a spacious dual-class configuration (12 business and 75 economy seats), and has a range of 2,400 km. The SSJ-100 received certification from the Aviation Register of the Interstate Aviation Committee (IAC AR) in January 2011.

SSJ-100 jets form an important part of Aeroflot’s fleet, which is among Europe’s most modern and technologically advanced. The total order for SSJ-100 stands at 30 aircraft.

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