Great cargo traffic results at Warsaw Chopin Airport

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More than 43 thousand tonnes of cargo were handled from January till September 2015. That’s exactly 6 percent more than in 2014 (y-o-y) and a record in the Warsaw airport’s history.

Within the first nine months of 2015 more than 43 thousand tonnes of cargo passed through Chopin Airport. Imports exceeded exports. 23,700 tonnes have been imported (5.1%) and 19,300 tonnes exported (+7.1%).

1-3Q 2014 vs 1-3Q 2015 for import and export of freight from Warsaw Chopin Airport in tonnes: 

Jan-Sept 2015 Jan-Sept 2014 Change 2015/2014 [%]
Import Export Import Export Import Export
Cargo [t] 23 680 19 344 22 530 18 062 5,1% 7,1%
Total 43 023 40 592 6,0%

The most popular cargo destinations in terms of volume carried included: Leipzig (6,000 t), Cologne (5,400 t), New York/Newark (4,400 t), Dubai (4,400 t) and Chicago (4,200 t).

Five most popular cargo destinations at Warsaw Chopin Airport (all operations: import and export): 

Cargo at Chopin Airport Jan-Sept 2015
City tonnes
Leipzig 5 968
Cologne 5 366
New York 4 376
Dubai 4 374
Chicago 4 188

The biggest cargo carriers at Chopin Airport are: LOT Polish Airlines (16,200 t), UPS Airlines (6,800 t), European Air Transport (6,000 t), Emirates (4,400 t) and TNT Airways (2,200 t).

Five biggest freight carriers at Warsaw Chopin Airport (all operations: import and export):

Cargo at Chopin Airport Jan-Sept 2015
Carrier tonnes
LOT Polish Airlines 16 192
UPS Airlines 6 752
European Air Transport 6 003
Emirates 4 374
TNT Airways 2 183

– For many years we have been continuously trying to make Chopin Airport an important freight port and I am glad that our efforts bring satisfactory results. In the central part of Europe we observe an increasing demand for goods transported by air global cargo carriers show interest in opening regular services from Warsaw. This allows us to hope for further dynamic development of this area of operation – says Radoslaw Paruzel, deputy director of Chopin Airport.

The Warsaw airport handles more than 70% of cargo traffic in Poland. The most frequently carried goods include: consumable parts and materials for heavy industry, pharmaceuticals and books and newspapers.

Source / Author: Chopin Airport

Photo: Chopin Airport