Dubai International Airport goes live with one of the world’s most advanced A-SMGCS


Dubai International Airport has put the most comprehensive level 3 NOVA 9000 Advanced Surface Movement Guidance and Control System (A-SMGCS) in the world into operation. Data from 37 multilateration sensors and three (soon to be five) surface movement radars (SMRs) is fused and integrated with the air ground lighting system and gate and docking systems, helping maintain movement rates in low visibility.

Controllers and lighting operations benefit from improved situational awareness, enhancing safety at Dubai International Airport. In addition, both DCA and Emirates Airlines experience conservable savings as the new solution distributes live situation data that is already being used to automate the collection and analysis of runway utilization data.

In addition to the A-SMGCS, Indra Navia has developed a function called Adaptive False Target Mitigation, which enhances the tracking capabilities where multiple SMRs are employed. This reduces false targets and provides very few false alerts from the safety net alert systems.

“Indra Navia is one of the top suppliers of safety and efficiency-related air traffic management systems for Dubai Airports. We are proud of having worked together since the turn of the century and appreciate the opportunity to prove our ability to successfully deliver the latest ATM technologies,” says Eldar Hauge, President and CEO of Indra Navia.

Source / Author: Indra