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New emergency and rescue station was opened at Kyiv−Antonov airfield

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On October 27, 2015, at Kyiv−Antonov airfield (Gostomel town), solemn ceremony of the new fire station of the 30th State fire rescue unit, which is intended for ANTONOV Company protection, was held.

This is the first such class station, that has been constructed in Kyiv within the last 15 years. Thus, one more step towards providing compliance of the airfield with high ICAO standards was made. According to these requirements, fire−fighting machines and other emergency means must arrive to the airfield within
3 minutes after the alarm signal.

At present, six fire fighting machines are located at the station. Premises for fire extinguishing sets’ storage, for drying, maintenance, repair of fire hoses, fire−fighting and emergency equipment, respiratory apparatus, duty and special uniform are provided. The station is equipped with everything necessary for round−the−clock duty of rescuers. In particular, rest rooms, showers, gym are at their disposal. Total area of the new station building is 1353.2 sq.m.

In his speech at the solemn ceremony of the station opening, Oleksandr Kotsiuba, the First Vice President of ANTONOV Company, noted: “Today’s event is a result of productive work of the whole of our collective together with the State Service of Ukraine on the Emergency Situations. This station is an important component to provide compliance of our airfields with high world standards, it is necessary step towards further development of the airdrome. We are aspiring to create on its basis a high−class airport for cargo aircraft, i.e. international hub!”

Mykola Chechotkin, Head of the State Service of Ukraine on the Emergency Situations, said: “This station opening is a significant event. We are obliged to ANTONOV for permanent attention to increasing the safety level, and we are ready to cooperate with the enterprise in this direction”.

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