Warbirds Over Wanaka – Pilatus Partnership


Wanaka: A major new Partner has been announced for the Warbirds Over Wanaka International Airshow at Easter 2016.

The Swiss-based Pilatus Aircraft Ltd Company has joined Warbirds Over Wanaka as a Principal Partner. The company is investing in a new enclosure and offering at this year’s show that will be known as the Pilatus Titanium Pass enclosure.

“Pilatus is delighted to be associated with such an internationally-renowned airshow” said Sebastian Lip, Chief Executive Officer of Pilatus Australia Pty Ltd. Pilatus has attended the last two Warbirds Over Wanaka events and “have enjoyed the experience such a unique location brings to an airshow. We feel there’s a good fit between the quality that Pilatus Aircraft stands for and this airshow and that’s why we have decided to invest in the show” said Sebastian.

“Our presence in New Zealand is growing all of the time and being able to design and build a new luxury Titanium Pass enclosure around our brand gives us an opportunity to expose more New Zealanders to what Pilatus offers and what we might be able to bring to their lives,” said Sebastian.

Warbirds Over Wanaka General Manager Ed Taylor has welcomed the Pilatus partnership which it hopes will be on-going. “While ticket sales account for the bulk of our income we also rely on other revenue from commercial partners, sponsors and regional grants to ensure we’re able to put on the very best airshow possible.”

“Our vision is to aspire to be the best Warbirds Airshow in the world and partnerships with global companies like Pilatus help us immensely with that goal” said Ed.

Warbirds Over Wanaka Event Manager, Mandy Deans, is working with Pilatus to develop the new Pilatus Titanium Pass enclosure, which will not only be a different offering, but also a superior hosting environment to anything we have been able to offer in terms of hospitality before.

Mandy says they have restricted Pilatus Titanium Pass tickets to just 100 on each of the Saturday and Sunday of the airshow. The Saturday is already sold out and the Sunday has just a handful remaining.

The 2016 Warbirds Over Wanaka International Airshow is being held at Wanaka Airport on March 25th 26th, 27th with the Rides Day on the 28th. For more information see www.warbirdsoverwanaka.com

Source / Author: Warbirds Over Wanaka
Photo: Warbirds Over Wanaka