Joint exercise of Russian and Serbian pilots BARS 2015


Seven pilots of MiG-29 aircraft and four Mi-8 helicopter pilots from the formation of the Air Force and the Air Defenceare performingfrom 2 to 8 October a joint exercise with colleagues from the Aerospace Defence Forces of the Russian Federation – BARS 2015 at „Privolzski”airport and training ground „Ashuluk” near Astrakhan.

It is the first exercise of Serbian and Russian pilots involving mixed crew. The topic of the exercise is – Repellingenemy air attack and force and facilitiesprotection.

The sixteen-member crew of SAF officers in Russia is led by Colonel SasaMijailovic, Head of the Training Sector for the Command of the Air Force and Air Defence.

The two-day theoretical and practical preparation of mixed Russian-Serbian crews precedes the flight crew activities today and tomorrow over „Ashuluk” training ground.

Pilots of MiG-29 aircraft will implement complex elements of flight training, of which the most significant will be a simulation of air combat in hunting couples,missile attacks on aerial targets, and shooting ground targets with30mmaircraft guns and air-to-air missiles „C-8”.

Pilots of Mi-8 aircraft will also implement some of the most complex elements of flight with simulation of search and rescue activities. In addition, they will implement shooting ground targets with57mmunguided missile shells.

Source / Author: Serbian Armed Forces

Photo: Serbian Armed Forces