Finavia to train Estonian air traffic controllers in Finland


Finavia Corporation has signed an agreement on air traffic controller training with Lennuliiklusteeninduse AS (EANS), a company responsible for air navigation services in Estonia. EANS will acquire an air control course from Finavia in order to obtain additional labour force.

EANS organised a bidding process for international training providers in order to urgently fill its increasing service needs with skilled professionals. Finavia-based Avia College will train seven Estonian air control students during the next air traffic controller course. The strength of Finnish air traffic controller training is its high-quality training programme focused on professional expertise which can be completed in 18 months.

“Finavia has been engaged in long-term operational and technical cooperation with EANS in the field of air navigation. We have also provided them with other air navigation training. Through this type of training cooperation, we can root identical operating methods as the shared European air space is developing. We need to be able to offer air control services more effectively in the future,” says Matts-Anders Nyberg, Head of Avia College at Finavia.

“For Finavia, this is also an excellent opportunity to generate additional revenues for the air navigation business which has produced losses due to low traffic volumes. As international competition is becoming fiercer, we need to actively look for ways to increase our revenues. Since we train air traffic controllers for our needs here in Finland, we would be offering similar training in any case. This agreement allows others to use our training expertise. We are hoping that this becomes a profitable export product,” Nyberg says.

“We are very pleased with this cooperation as, in our belief, it is the base for success, especially when it is done in various areas. In this case our aim is to quickly bring new air traffic controllers to our ranks, which is possible with the flexible training model offered to us and as a bonus to acquire more international experience through the knowhow of Finnish training instructors. The same important role belongs to the fact that this training will be held in common aviation language – English. This will guarantee good English language skills of those newly trained air traffic controllers and help us to provide even better service to our customers” says EANS personnel specialist, Ere Keerig-Kont.

From the beginning of September, Finavia-owned Avia College will train seven Estonian air traffic controllers through an English training programme. They will be employed directly by Estonian EANS. The Estonian students will follow the same European curriculum as Finnish students and will be able to use the title of air traffic controller after the completion of the course.

Finavia and EANS signed a framework agreement as specified by the two states in autumn 2014, after which their cooperation has become closer and closer. Both Finavia and EANS are committed to European development where providers of air navigation services in different countries work closely together. The objective is to improve the quality and cost-efficiency of services produced.

Source / Author: Finavia