ANTONOV will construct twenty five airplanes annually


In the nearest future, ANTONOV plans to reach the saling of 25 new airplanes annually. Mykhaylo Gvozdov, Acting President of ANTONOV Company, said about this in interview to “Golos Ukrainy” (“Voice of Ukraine”) newspaper.

“Renewal of the enterprise’s production facilities and change of methods of analyzes and forecast of the world aviation market will provide construction of 25 airplanes a year”, – assured head of the enterprise.

According to Mykhaylo Gvozdov, list of the enterprise’s the primary tasks includes expansion of the airplanes production, arrange of their sales, entrance into the new markets and provision of the ANTONOV Aircraft operation worldwide. These are the first steps towards fulfillment of the task given by President of Ukraine to assign work to this large aviation enterprise and to bring it to the new world level.

“We have a high potential. The developed Design Bureau is ready to work. ANTONOV’s team is powerful 13−thousand collective, high−skilled specialists, who can realize the most difficult tasks, produce the hi−technical production”, – added the enterprise’s head.

Let’s remind, that recently ANTONOV was included into UKROBORONPROM Concern. Mykhaylo Gvozdov commissioned to provide the enterprise’s effective work and to return the aircraft industry of Ukraine to the leading world positions.

Source / Author: Antonov

Photo: Antonov