Helsinki airport will be a quiet airport – number of announcements to be reduced


Flight information and passenger announcements made throughout the terminal will be discontinued from the beginning of June. Announcements at the departure gate and its surroundings, as well as public emergency announcements, will remain unchanged.
Passengers are requested to use the airport’s schedule displays or an available mobile device or computer to monitor the gate and schedule information concerning their flight.
Boarding usually begins 30 to 60 minutes before the scheduled time of departure. The number of passengers on the flight is one of the factors affecting when you have to be at the gate. The bigger the plane, the earlier the boarding will usually start. Finnair gates close 15 minutes before departure.
The new practice is related to the Silent Airport project implemented by carriers and the airport. The aim of the project is to improve the comfort of the waiting areas and to reduce the stress caused by traveling. The objective is to minimize background noise and sense of hurry at the terminal by reducing the number of announcements.

Source / Author: Finnair

Photo: Helsinki Airport