Purdue 980-acre aerospace tech park ready for flight


Purdue University President Mitch Daniels on Tuesday (April 21) announced plans to create a 980-acre Purdue Research Park Aerospace District in West Lafayette housing public and private aerospace research facilities that will provide jobs for Indiana residents and learning opportunities for Purdue students.

The project includes the purchase of Lafayette Aviation by Purdue aviation technology alumnus Scott Niswonger and Purdue Research Foundation.

„Purdue University has long been known as the Cradle of Astronauts, and our aviation and aeronautics programs are among the best in the world,” Daniels said. „The Purdue Research Park Aerospace District will be one of the most comprehensive and important enterprises we have undertaken. The end result will be a world-class park of additional educational, research and commerce opportunities for Indiana residents and Purdue students.”

Plans for the 980-acre aerospace district, which encompasses the Purdue University Airport, Lafayette Aviation and the Maurice J. Zucrow Laboratories, include opportunities for aerospace companies that wish to collaborate with Purdue to build research and development facilities. The site has already been named an Indiana Certified Technology Park by the Indiana Economic Development Corporation.
Aerospace students

„The Certified Technology Park program was created to support projects such as this where we support a long-term investment in high-tech, high-paying jobs for Indiana residents,” said Victor Smith, Indiana Secretary of Commerce. „This tech park is uniquely situated next to a major research institution, which will provide another reason for our recent college graduates to stay in Indiana.”

The project received support from other Indiana leaders.

„Purdue Research Foundation has a proven track record of success with its three other certified technology parks, and designating this newest one as an Indiana Certified Technology Park will enable our community to grow even further in educational and job prospects for our residents,” said Indiana Rep. Randy Truitt.

„Our ongoing collaborations with Purdue and other greater Lafayette area leaders help make our community strong. The new aerospace district epitomizes the great steps forward that are taking place in and around Tippecanoe County,” said Indiana Rep. Sheila Klinker.

„I can’t emphasize enough what a great partner Purdue is for the City of West Lafayette, Greater Lafayette and the state of Indiana,” said John Dennis, mayor of West Lafayette. „We meet with Purdue leaders on a regular basis and have jointly recruited companies to this area with great success and to the overall improvement of the quality of life for residents in our area. The aerospace district closely aligns with what we are doing with the State Street Projectto create new 'gateways’ into West Lafayette and Purdue University.”

The Purdue Research Park Aerospace District is owned by the Purdue Research Foundation and will be operated similarly to the foundation’s four Purdue Research Park sites around the state where more than 260 research, education and high-tech companies currently employ more than 4,500 people. Parks are located in West Lafayette, Indianapolis, Merrillville and New Albany.

„This district will be a game-changer for our students and Purdue’s outreach efforts to partnering corporations. We are looking for research collaborators to complement the commercial and industrial aerospace work that will be done in the district and who have an interest in licensing some of the outstanding aerospace-related intellectual property coming out of the university,” said Dan Hasler, president of Purdue Research Foundation. „Purdue researchers have patented technologies to improve engines, sensors, propulsion systems, blade designs, composite materials – it’s a deep bench of innovations to advance aerospace design and development.”

For example, Purdue Research Park will house a $50 million Indiana Manufacturing Institute to support research in advanced composite materials.

Purdue’s educational programs are ranked among the nation’s best. The College of Engineering’s School of Aeronautics and Astronautics undergraduate program is ranked No. 4 and its graduate program No. 6 by U.S. News & World Report.

„The educational and research opportunities that this endeavor will create for all of our students, staff and faculty are incalculable,” said Leah Jamieson, the John A. Edwardson Dean of Engineering and Ransburg Distinguished Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering. „It will result in even greater prospects for our graduates, will help us recruit and retain even more top faculty and students to Purdue, and will grow our contributions to the economic development of the state.”

Gary Bertoline, College of Technology dean, agreed.

„Without question, Purdue has a rich history supported by strong research in aerospace technology and has a large pool of talented alumni, faculty, staff and students,” he said. „The new aerospace district will lay the foundation for the continued success of all of Purdue’s technology, aviation and aerospace programs.”

Purdue’s history in the aerospace field stretches back to the 1908 when it graduated its first pilot, J. Clifford Turpin, who was taught by aviation pioneer Orville Wright. Three years later, Turpin broke a world record when he flew to an altitude of 9,400 feet. Other Purdue aerospace firsts include:

* 1921 – Purdue offers aeronautical engineering courses.

* 1930 – Purdue offers flight training for pilots.

* 1934 – Purdue Research Foundation purchases land for an airport at Purdue University.

* 1935 – Purdue creates a Careers for Women program led by Amelia Earhart.

* 1956 – Iven Kincheloe (BSAE ’49) flies Mach 2 to an altitude of 126,000 feet.

* 1969 and 1972 – Purdue alumni become the first (Neil Armstrong, BSAE ’55) and last (Eugene Cernan BSEE ’56) astronauts to step on the moon. They are among the 23 astronauts who graduated from Purdue.

„Purdue is one of the few universities across the nation that has an airport attached to it and probably the only one with extensive land surrounding it that can be developed to advance aviation and aerospace commercialization and educational opportunities,” said Daniels, who also serves as chairman of the Purdue Research Foundation. „This district, along with the purchase of Lafayette Aviation, will provide unprecedented opportunities for Purdue, its students and the surrounding community. We are delighted to be joining with Scott Niswonger and Purdue Research Foundation as partners in this acquisition.”

Lafayette Aviation will be renamed Purdue Aviation.

„We see this is a wonderful way to accelerate the growth of the company and provide even greater opportunities for our employees,” said Jeff Pittard, president of Lafayette Aviation/Purdue Aviation.

The purchase expands the economic growth for the enterprise.

„We also will be able to grow in the business areas of fuel sales, aircraft maintenance and flight training,” said John Wensveen, head of the Purdue Department of Aviation Technology. „As part of this initiative, we plan to provide certificate programs to industry in partnership with the business project.”

Earlier this month, the Department of Aviation Technology announced a partnership with Republic Airways to launch a program that matches Purdue students with Republic’s career track. Republic is the world’s largest operator of Embraer aircraft.

„Republic is an international leader, and the agreement with them helped launch our Industry-Purdue Opportunity Pipeline,” Wensveen said. „Our goal with this initiative is to help address the changing needs of our industry partners and to generate career opportunities for our students.”

Source / Author: Purdue University

Photo: Purdue University