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Rockwell Collins announces latest progress on Embraer KC-390

Pro Line Fusion on KC 390

Rockwell Collins today announced its latest progress on the Brazilian Air Force’s KC-390 program, which includes new deliveries of flight test software and transitioning of product manufacturing for the aircraft to Brazil.

Rockwell Collins has provided Embraer with its third delivery of Pro Line Fusion flight test software for the KC-390, offering increased maturity and full functionality in support of the flight test campaign. The high level of maturity provided in the software will allow Embraer to begin taking certification credit from the first of the test campaign.

The KC-390 completed its first 90-minute maiden flight February 3 with the Pro Line Fusion solution, which performed exceptionally well.

Rockwell Collins has also started transitioning display and control panel build capability for the KC-390 into Brazil with a new partner – Jabil do Brasil. Jabil is currently developing test solutions in its U.S. facilities that will transfer to Brazil in 2016 to support the production phase of the program.

“Rockwell Collins continues to grow and deliver quality to our customers in Brazil,” said Alan Prowse, vice president and managing director, Americas, for Rockwell Collins. “And we are reaffirming our commitment to transferring technology and creating economic opportunity in the country.”

The KC-390 program marks the first military application of Rockwell Collins’ highly advanced Pro Line Fusion integrated avionics system, which entered the business jet segment in 2012. It also represents the highest content that Rockwell Collins has on an Embraer military aircraft.

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