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RAF: Get up close to the legendary Lancaster bomber at IWM Duxford this Easter

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This Easter, our family activities cast the spotlight on our impressive Lancaster aircraft, which towers above visitors in our AirSpace exhibition.

In a series of lively talks led by our costumed interpreter, we’ll share with you the amazing story of 617 Squadron, RAF Bomber Command, and the creation of the famous bouncing bomb. You’ll hear about some of the Lancaster crew members who were awarded the Victoria Cross for valour and you’ll really get to know the Lancaster in a walk-around tour of its exterior.

At 11.30am, we’ll be discussing the daring Dambusters raid, which was carried out by 617 Squadron in May 1943. You’ll get to know the men who took part; who they were and why they were chosen for such a daring mission. You’ll find out why the Dambusters raid was so dangerous and why it was different to any bombing campaign that had gone before.

You’ll find out about Barnes Wallis, the scientist who invented the bouncing bomb, and how he was inspired to create this innovative weapon. You’ll be able to get up close to a real bouncing bomb, next to the Lancaster bomber, and get a sense of its sheer size and scale; how difficult it must have been to drop that bomb in the right place, at the right time, to achieve the right outcome.

At 12.15pm, you’ll hear incredible real stories of the men who flew in Lancaster bombers during the Second World War and who won the greatest military honour; the Victoria Cross. We’ll describe how Andrew Mynarski VC gave his life in order to save his friend and how Norman Jackson VC climbed onto the wing of his Lancaster, mid-flight, to extinguish an engine fire.

At 1.15pm, join us for a walk-around tour of our Lancaster bomber, when you’ll really get to know this important aircraft. Find out about the work of the young men who flew in the aircraft and the men on the ground who kept the Lancaster flying. We’ll realise the huge bomb loads that the aircraft could carry and also the long hours and dangerous conditions that the air crews endured while flying over occupied Europe.

You’ll also have the chance to try on items of uniform that would have been worn by the young men who flew in the Lancaster bombers and hold and examine original aircraft equipment.

Activities take place daily from Saturday 28 March to Sunday 12 April 11am to 3pm

Easter holiday activities are included in general admission to the museum.

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