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RAF: Hawk T2 Role Demo Team Launches At RAF Valley

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Preparations have begun at RAF Valley to showcase the BAE Hawk T2 advanced fast jet trainer at airshows across the UK in 2015.

Built by BAE Systems at Warton in Lancashire, the Hawk T2 is one of the most advanced fast jet training aircraft in the world. In the UK, it is operated by IV(R) Squadron, Royal Air Force at RAF Valley in Anglesey. This highly capable aircraft will be displayed by Flt Lt Ben Polwin and Flt Lt Toby Keeley, both highly experienced instructors with IV(R) Squadron. The display, or more accurately, the “role demonstration” will showcase both the aircraft and the training delivered by IV(R) Sqn to future fast jet pilots in the RAF and Royal Navy.

Flt Lt Keeley said: “I am honoured to be given the opportunity to represent the Royal Air Force and to showcase the Hawk T2 for the first time during this years forthcoming display season. Our role demonstration aims to present the dynamic capability of the Hawk T2 and provide an insight into UK Military Flying Training System, giving the public and future generations of pilots an idea of what to expect during RAF fast jet flying training.

We will fly a variety of manoeuvres, from close formation to simulated attacks and basic air combat; exactly the type of flying our students practice to set them up for their future careers on the Typhoon, Tornado GR4 and eventually F-35. So far we have spent time planning the sequence on our advanced mission planning facility and in the simulator but I’m excited to put it into practice soon in the skies over RAF Valley and across the UK during the summer”

The role demonstration team will be managed by Flt Lt Al Branson. He said: “We’ll be launching the Hawk T2 Role demo website shortly, so people can get all the up to date news and imagery. We will also be publicising the Role Demo on the RAF Valley Facebook and Twitter sites. The team are looking to raise money throughout the season for our nominated charity, Ty Gobaith (“Hope House”) which is a children’s hospice in our area. It’s going to be an exciting year, so please keep an eye out for our stories throughout the season”

Source: RAF
Editor: Sqn Ldr Dave Williams
Photographs: Cpl Ferguson / SAC Travis
RAF/MOD Crown Copyright 2015

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