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Thales expands Tiger helicopter training capabilities


Thales and its partner will upgrade 18 simulators to the latest Tiger helicopter standards. Eight Full Mission Simulators (FMS) and ten Cockpit Procedure Trainers (CPTs) will be upgraded at three training centres operated by French and German forces: the French-German Tiger aircrew training school (EFA) in Le Luc, France, the French Army’s 5th combat helicopter regiment in Pau and the Fritzlar 36th combat helicopter regiment in Germany.

Thales will also supply two new Tiger CPT simulators to train aircrews for France’s 1st combat helicopter regiment in Phalsbourg.

The upgrade and addition of new functionality for simulation of weapon systems, communications, datalinks, sensors (including the visual display of the TopOwl helmet-mounted sight and display system) and flight modelling will bring these training facilities into line with the latest versions of France’s Tiger HAD1 combat support variant and Germany’s UHT2 anti-tank / fire support variant.

The new simulators will incorporate the latest version of Thales’s Computer Generated Force software and the ThalesView image generator and database to provide an even more realistic tactical environment for aircrew training and allow forces to tailor their databases to deployment scenarios in actual theatres of operations.

The contract also includes support for these simulators for 10 years.

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