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Shopping revolution at Warsaw Chopin Airport – Bargain shopping upon arrival


As of the beginning of February every passenger travelling from a Schengen country and ending his or her journey at Warsaw Chopin Airport may shop in duty-free stores. Chopin Airport is the first Polish airport to make it possible.

On 1 February 2015 Chopin Airport introduced new rules governing the activity of the Duty-free zone, which will enable operators of shops in the airport Schengen area to sell Community goods also to arriving passengers.

„The process of amending the rules took less than two months and was very smooth. We owe it to the support and help from the Ministry of Finance, the Customs Chamber and the Customs Office,” says Michał Kaczmarzyk, the director of Warsaw Chopin Airport.

The change was made following information received from the Ministry of Finance concerning the possibility of extending the sale of duty-free goods to include arriving travellers. An arriving passenger will be able to purchase Community goods based on a boarding pass or an airline ticket. A printed (hard copy) document or its mobile version must contain the passenger’s data: full name, date of departure, boarding pass number, flight number and destination.

Source / Author: Chopin Airport
Photo: CHopin Airport

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