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A radar system from Airbus Defence and Space prevents aircraft from colliding with wind turbines

Airbus Defence and Space has developed a new radar system, which is intended to prevent aircraft from colliding with wind turbines. This radar named “Spexer 500 AC” (AC = Anti- Collision) warns pilots about possible collisions by detecting approaching flying objects at an early stage and by switching on the beacon system. This radar will be integrated on an exclusive basis into the “airspex” beacon system made by the wind power company ENERTRAG.
The new radar system is part of the Spexer family of security radars, which has been developed by Airbus Defence and Space for a variety of specific security applications, e.g. the protection of industrial facilities or borders. It is able to detect even extremely small flying objects within a radius of several kilometres. This means that the wind park’s beacon lights will only have to illuminate when actually necessary, so that disturbance to residents is reduced to a minimum. The Spexer 500 AC is currently the only radar to be certified based on real flight tests by the German air traffic control authority Deutsche Flugsicherung.
Airbus Defence and Space leads the market for radar systems in Germany, and supplies radar equipment to military and security forces around the world. In particular, the company is active worldwide in the market for civil air traffic control systems. ENERTRAG’s systems engineering division (ENERTRAG Systemtechnik) supplies lighting components to manufacturers and operators of wind turbines. This division is particularly active in the development of solutions which increase the acceptance of wind power.


Source / Author: Airbus Defence and Space

Photo: Airbus Defence and Space

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