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Antonov: The AN−148 – 10 years since the first flight

10 years ago, on December 17, the AN−148−100 regional jet performed its maiden flight. It was given a status of a new generation aircraft, because embodied the most innovative aviation technologies.

Within the postsoviet period, the AN−148 program became the first large−scale market−oriented project. From the very beginning of its realization ANTONOV has been working closely with customers, following its demands to aircraft of such class. As a result, today a family of aircraft of different purposes is presented in the market. They carry from 68 to 89 passengers, deliver VIPs with high comfort, provide transportations of sick and injured persons in extraordinary situations. With equal success the aircraft of the family work in cold and heat, fly under good and adverse weather conditions, are based on the airfields with high quality of runways pavement and on the unpaved runways. The AN−148 is also certified to be based on airfields, located at the height of up to 4100 m above the sea level.

At present, 25 aircraft of the family perform tasks of eight carriers of three countries of the world. They delivered about three million passengers, performed more than 63 thousand flights on domestic and international routes. Within operation the AN−148 reached record rates of month flight time – 400 hours and daily – 18 hours.

The AN−148 manufacture is being realized in wide international cooperation involving more than 200 companies from 15 countries, including Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Canada, France, USA. Launch of the AN−148 manufacture and its units at the ANTONOV Serial plant became one of the leading factors letting overcome the aviation plant out of crisis.

To support new aircraft in operation an Informational center of client support works round−the−clock at ANTONOV. It realizes technical support 24 hours/7 days in a week/365 days in a year. Training center for flight and technical personnel education works with use of complex simulator that allows imitating all the situations happening during a flight.

Today ANTONOV continues intensively developing the AN−148 program. The AN−158, intended for transportation of up to 99 passengers, mastered air routes. Five such aircraft are operated by Cubana de Aviacion airlines, Cuba. Following the customers’ demands, ANTONOV develops new aircraft of the family, including transport versions and aircraft of special purposes, in particular, for tasks of maritime patrol.

Thus, realization of the AN−148 program makes a valuable contribution in further development of Ukraine. It provides our state with economic development, technical and technological level rising, creative youth education and with status of reliable partner at the international scene.


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