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The AN−178 is energized

The ANTONOV Company has performed an important stage of construction of the first prototype of AN−178 new transport – the aircraft is energized. Ground aircraft tests are allowed to be started. 77 systems of the aircraft will pass the test. This stage of tests is planned to be completed in March 2015, before the aircraft roll out from the workshop.

The AN−178 is intended to effectively perform all main tasks of transport aircraft, including material and technical support, carrying of patients, transportation of vehicles, delivery of equipment and engines. The most important feature of the AN−178 is ability to carry all the type of the existing packaged freights (containerized and palletized ones), including high−capacity 1C containers (sea containers). This makes it an indispensable transport to provide logistic support in both commercial and military segments, as well as operations under emergency situations.

The AN−178 is suggested as a replacement of the AN−12 medium four−engine turboprop transport at higher technical level. All in all, more then 1400 AN−12 were produced. These aircraft are still widespread in the countries of CIS, Africa and Asia. The AN−178 is suggested to replace the C−160 European two−engine turboprop transport for customers who were orientated to the Western aircraft (214 aircraft were delivered).

Construction of the first prototype and start of the aircraft tests are planned to be completed in the first quarter of 2015.

Source / Author: Antonov
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